James L. Partain Jr., Sharon Alden, Uma S. Bhatt, Peter A. Bieniek, Brian R. Brettschneider, Rick T. Lader, Peter Q. Olsson, T. Scott Rupp, Heidi Strader, Richard L. Thoman Jr., John E. Walsh, Alison D. York, and Robert H. Ziel

Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society

Published date January 12, 2017

EEE 2015: An Assessment of the Role of Anthropogenic Climate Change in the Alaska Fire Season of 2015

Main finding:

The 2015 Alaska fire season burned the second largest number of acres since records began in 1940. Human-induced climate change may have increased the risk of a fire season of this severity by 34%–60%.

Open source PDF available here

Longer report:

EEE 2015: Explaining Extreme Events of 2015 from a Climate Perspective