John E. Walsh, Richard L. Thoman, Uma S. Bhatt, Peter A. Bieniek, Brian Brettschneider, Michael Brubaker, Seth Danielson, Rick Lader, Florence Fetterer, Kris Holderied, Katrin Iken, Andy Mahoney, Molly McCammon, and James Partain

Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society

Published date March 26, 2018

EEE 2016: The High Latitude Marine Heat Wave of 2016 and Its Impacts on Alaska

Main finding:

The 2016 Alaska marine heat wave was unprecedented in terms of sea surface temperatures and ocean heat content, and CMIP5 data suggest human-induced climate change has greatly increased the risk of such anomalies.

Larger report:

EEE 2016 = Explaining Extreme Events of 2016 from a Climate Perspective