James M. Vose, James S. Clark, Charles H. Luce, Toral Patel-Weynand

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forest Service

Published date February 1, 2016

Effects of Drought on Forests and Rangelands in the United States: A Comprehensive Science Synthesis

  • Provides input to the reauthorized National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS) and the National Climate Assessment (NCA)
  • Establishes the scientific foundation needed to manage for drought resilience and adaptation
  • Focal areas include drought characterization; drought impacts on forest processes and disturbances such as insect outbreaks and wildfire; and consequences for forest and rangeland values
  • Finds that large, stand-level impacts of drought are already underway in the West, but all U.S. forests are vulnerable to drought, and that drought-associated forest disturbances are expected to increase with climatic change