Mar 18, 2011

Evaluation of global observations-based evapotranspiration datasets and IPCC AR4 simulations

Mueller, B., Seneviratne, S. I., Jimenez, C., Corti, T., Hirschi, M., Balsamo, G., Ciais, P., Dirmeyer, P., Fisher, J. B., Guo, Z., Jung, M., Maignan, F., McCabe, M. F., Reichle, R., Reichstein, M., Rodell, M., Sheffield, J., Teuling et al
Geophysical Research Letters
  • States several recently developed products now provide the capacity to estimate ET at global scales
  • Provides an overview and evaluation of 41 global land ET datasets for the 1989–1995 time period
  • Evaluates the IPCC AR4 global climate model (GCM) simulations and provides an assessment of their capacity to reproduce flux behavior relative to observations-based products
  • Finds the IPCC AR4 simulations, in their global average, show a smaller spread than the categories and groups that are partly based on observations, except for LSMs from the GSWP, which are driven with common forcing data