Jul 20, 2018

Human influence on the seasonal cycle of tropospheric temperature

Benjamin D. Santer, Stephen Po-Chedley, Mark D. Zelinka, Ivana Cvijanovic, Céline Bonfils, Paul J. Durack, Qiang Fu, Jeffrey Kiehl, Carl Mears, Jeffrey Painter, Giuliana Pallotta, Susan Solomon, Frank J. Wentz, Cheng-Zhi Zou
  • States that anthropogenic climate change has become clearly observable through many metrics
  • States that these include an increase in global annual temperatures, growing heat content of the oceans, and sea level rise owing to the melting of the polar ice sheets and glaciers
  • Reports that a human-caused signal in the seasonal cycle of tropospheric temperature can also be measured
  • Uses satellite data and the anthropogenic “fingerprint” predicted by climate models to show the extent of the effects and discuss how these changes have been caused