David M. Abramson; Donna Van Alst; Alexis Merdjanoff; Rachael Piltch-Loeb; Jaishree Beedasy; Patricia Findley; Lori Ann Peek; Meghan Mordy; Sandra Moroso; Kerrie Ocasio; Yoon Soo Park; Jonathan Sury; Jennifer Tobin-Gurley

Rutgers University School of Social Work, New York University College of Global Public Health, Columbia University National Center for Disaster Preparedness, Colorado State University Center for Disaster and Risk Analysis

Published date January 25, 2016

The Hurricane Sandy person report: disaster exposure, health impacts, economic burden, and social well-being

Describes and examines several critical aspects of individual health and well-being that may be associated with the storm, including:

  1. Physical health of adults;
  2. Psychological and emotional health of adults;
  3. Social and economic health of adults;
  4. Health and well-being of children; and
  5. The association between disaster exposure and individual outcomes.