Mar 1, 2019

Impacts of historical warming on marine fisheries production

Christopher M. Free, James T. Thorson, Malin L. Pinsky, Kiva L. Oken, John Wiedenmann, Olaf P. Jensen
  • States that fisheries provide food and support livelihoods across the world, and they are also under extreme pressure, with many stocks overfished and poorly managed
  • States that climate change will add to the burden fish stocks bear, but such impacts remain largely unknown
  • Uses temperature-specific models and hindcasting across fish stocks to determine the degree to which warming has, and will, affect fish species (see the Perspective by Plagányi)
  • Finds that an overall reduction in yield has occurred over the past 80 years
  • Finds that furthermore, although some species are predicted to respond positively to warming waters, the majority will experience a negative impact on growth