Moftakhari, Hamed R., AghaKouchak, Amir, Sanders, Brett F., Feldman, David L., Sweet, William, Matthew, Richard A., Luke, Adam

Geophysical Research Letters

Published date November 19, 2015

Increased nuisance flooding along the coasts of the United States due to sea level rise: Past and future

  • States mean sea level has risen tenfold in recent decades compared to the most recent millennia, posing a serious threat for population and assets in flood-prone coastal zones over the next century
  • States an increase in the frequency of nuisance (minor) flooding has also been reported due to the reduced gap between high tidal datums and flood stage, and the rate of sea level rise (SLR) is expected to increase based on current trajectories of anthropogenic activities and greenhouse gases emissions
  • Reports substantial increases in nuisance flooding (NF) along the coasts of United States due to SLR over the past decades
  • Takes projected near-term (2030) and midterm (2050) SLR under two representative concentration pathways (RCPs), 2.6 and 8.5, to estimate the increase in NF
  • Results suggest that on average, - 80 ± 10% local SLR causes the median of the NF distribution to increase by 55 ± 35% in 2050 under RCP8.5