Aug 9, 2014

Intensification of future severe heat waves in India and their effect on heat stress and mortality

Kamal Kumar Murari, Subimal Ghosh , Anand Patwardhan, Edoardo Daly, Kaustubh Salvi
Regional Environmental Change
  • States India has a high current exposure to heat waves, and with limited adaptive capacity, impacts of increased heat waves might be quite severe
  • Presents the first projections of future heat waves in India based on multiple climate models and scenarios for CMIP5 data
  • Finds that heat waves are projected to be more intense, have longer durations and occur at a higher frequency and earlier in the year
  • Finds that Southern India, currently not influenced by heat waves, is expected to be severely affected by the end of the twenty-first century
  • Projections indicate that a sizable part of India will experience heat stress conditions in the future
  • Finds that in northern India, the average number of days with extreme heat stress condition during pre-monsoon hot season will reach 30
  • States the intensification of heat waves might lead to severe heat stress and increased mortality