Dec 14, 2005

Maximum and minimum temperature trends for the globe: An update through 2004

Russell S. Vose, David R. Easterling, Byron Gleason
Geophysical Research Letters
  • Uses new data acquisitions to examine recent global trends in maximum temperature, minimum temperature, and the diurnal temperature range (DTR)
  • On average, the analysis covers the equivalent of 71% of the total global land area, 17% more than in previous studies
  • Finds that minimum temperature increased more rapidly than maximum temperature (0.204 vs. 0.141°C dec−1) from 1950–2004, resulting in a significant DTR decrease (−0.066°C dec−1)
  • Finds there were comparable increases in minimum and maximum temperature (0.295 vs. 0.287°C dec−1) from 1979–2004, muting recent DTR trends (−0.001°C dec−1)
  • Finds that minimum and maximum temperature increased in almost all parts of the globe during both periods, whereas a widespread decrease in the DTR was only evident from 1950–1980