U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Published date August 1, 2008

A Review of the Impact of Climate Variability and Change on Aeroallergens and Their Associated Effects

  • Surveys the state of scientific knowledge of the potential impacts of climate change and climate variability on aeroallergens in the United States — including the impacts of pollens, molds, and indoor allergens — and their associated effects on allergenic illnesses
  • Finds that pollen production is likely to increase in many parts of the U.S. with the possible exception of the Southeast
  • Finds that phenologic advance is likely to occur for numerous species of plants, especially trees
  • Says there will likely be changes in the distribution of pollen producing species, including the possibility of extinction in some cases
  • Identifies the possibility of intercontinental dispersal, which would facilitate the introduction of new aeroallergens into the U.S.
  • Finds that increases in allergen content of some aeroallergens are possible