Aug 10, 2007

Some evidence of climate change in twentieth-century India

S. K. Dash , R. K. Jenamani, S. R. Kalsi, S. K. Panda
Climatic Change
  • States climate in India has large spatial and temporal variations due to its vast size and geography
  • Finds that in the last century the atmospheric surface temperature in India has enhanced by about 1 and 1.1°C during winter and post-monsoon months respectively, according to observed data and model reanalyzed fields
  • Finds that observations indicate occurrence of more extreme temperature events in the east coast of India in the recent past
  • Finds that during summer monsoon months, there is a decreasing (increasing) trend in the frequency of depressions (low pressure areas)
  • Finds an increase in the number of severe cyclonic storms crossing Indian Coast
  • Analysis of rainfall amount during different seasons indicate decreasing tendency in the summer monsoon rainfall over Indian landmass and increasing trend in the rainfall during pre-monsoon and post-monsoon months