Michela Pacifici, Piero Visconti, Stuart H. M. Butchart, James E. M. Watson,Francesca M. Cassola, and Carlo Rondinini

Nature Climate Change

Published date February 13, 2017

Species’ traits influenced their response to recent climate change

  • Identifies mammals and birds for which there is evidence that they have already been impacted by climate change.
  • Models the relationships between observed responses and intrinsic (for example, body mass) and spatial traits (for example, temperature seasonality within the geographic range)
  • Estimates that 47% of terrestrial non-volant threatened mammals (out of 873 species) and 23.4% of threatened birds (out of 1,272 species) may have already been negatively impacted by climate change in at least part of their distribution
  • Results suggest that populations of large numbers of threatened species are likely to be already affected by climate change, and that conservation managers, planners and policy makers must take this into account in efforts to safeguard the future of biodiversity