Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Published date November 10, 2017

Surveillance for Lyme Disease — United States, 2008–2015

  • Classifies:
    • States with an average annual incidence during this reporting period of ≥10 confirmed Lyme disease cases per 100,000 population as high incidence
    • States that share a border with those states or that are located between areas of high incidence were classified as neighboring states
    • All other states as low incidence
  • Finds that during 2008–2015, a total of 275,589 cases of Lyme disease were reported to CDC (208,834 confirmed and 66,755 probable)
  • Finds that although most cases continue to be reported from states with high incidence in the Northeast, mid-Atlantic, and upper Midwest regions, case counts in most of these states have remained stable or decreased during the reporting period
  • Finds that in contrast, case counts have increased in states that neighbor those with high incidence