Jun 29, 2017

Temperature and precipitation regional climate series over the central Pyrenees during 1910–2013

Pérez‐Zanón, Núria, Sigró, Javier, Ashcroft, Linden
International Journal of Climatology
  • Obtains a regional anomaly series of temperature and precipitation for the central Pyrenees for the period 1910–2013
  • Finds a positive trend of 0.1°C per decade for minimum and maximum annual temperature (exceeding the significance level of 0.05 for the whole studied period)
  • Finds a significant warming in all seasons except boreal spring in minimum temperature and winter in maximum temperature
  • Finds non-significant negative trends of precipitation in all seasons for the whole period examined
  • Results show that, considering the recent period 1970–2013, values of temperature trends are generally higher than those obtained for the whole period, and all maximum temperature trends are significant
  • Results show that spring presents the greatest warming, with 0.9°C per decade for maximum temperature and 0.4°C per decade for minimum temperature
  • Series represents the longest homogenized climate data set available for the central Pyrenees region