Mar 14, 2014

Variability of extreme precipitation over Yunnan Province, China 1960–2012

Li, Yun‐Gang, He, Daming, Hu, Jin‐Ming, Cao, Jie
International Journal of Climatology
  • Investigates spatial and temporal variations of extreme precipitation over Yunnan Province during 1960–2012
  • Analyzes ten precipitation indices from daily precipitation from 120 meteorological stations
  • Results indicate the precipitation indices showed spatially complex trends
  • Finds that most precipitation indices present increasing trends in western Yunnan and decreasing trends in eastern Yunnan
  • Finds that the western, southern and central regions experienced an increase in consecutive dry days (CDDs) and decrease in consecutive wet days (CWDs)
  • Finds a widespread increase in precipitation intensity over Yunnan
  • Finds insignificant increases for the maximum 1-day precipitation and annual total precipitation exceeding 95th and 99th percentiles
  • Finds that the contribution of extreme precipitation to total precipitation increased during 1960–2012
  • Finds that occurrences of extreme precipitation are more concentrated in time