Nov 17, 2019

8 Reasons Why Rain Is a Big Deal in Southern California

Los Angeles, CA
Jonathan Erdman
The Weather Channel

Here are eight reasons why even a light rain event really matters to Southern Californians.

1. It Doesn't Rain Often

2. Usually, It Doesn't Rain for Months

California has one of the most well-defined wet and dry seasons anywhere in the Lower 48 states.

It is typical to go months without a single drop of rain from late spring into early fall.

During this dry season, high pressure over the West and a weakening, northward-migrating jet stream pushes the Pacific storm track well north of the Golden State.

Over 90 percent of the Southland's average rain falls in just six months' time from November through April.

3. Rain Can Help Snuff Out Wildfires

4. But It Can Be a Menace For Burn Areas

5. It Can Also Trigger Landslides Elsewhere

6. It Worsens Southern California's Notorious Traffic

7. It Can Also Foul Beaches

8. But California Needs Rain