Publication Date July 21, 2017

All-Time High in Shanghai

Umbrellas help people beat the heat on Shanghai’s waterfront on Friday, July 21, 2017, when the city set an all-time high temperature record of 40.9°C (105.6°F). Photo: STR/AFP/Getty Images

Shanghai, China—with 24 million residents, the world’s largest city proper—had its hottest day ever recorded on Friday. Temperatures reached a preliminary high of 40.9°C (105.6°F) at the Xujiahui station in Shanghai, where temperatures have been monitored since 1872. The previous record high was 40.8°C, recorded in 2013, with the runner-up of 40.6°C also occurring that year. Much of China has been roasting in unusually hot weather this month, noted Lows in Shanghai have failed to drop below 80°F for more than a week, and heat indexes have been averaging 110°-120°F.