Publication Date September 25, 2016

Bremer County begins cleanup after devastating flooding

United States

With no more expected rain in Bremer County, many are now working to clean up the devastating damage left from the flood.

Many parts across Waverly are experiencing flooding, but nowhere near record levels in 2008 when the Cedar River crested at 19.3 ft. This year, the Cedar River in Waverly crested at 13.2 ft. 

Some residents are still stranded outside their homes since they were asked to evacuate on Thursday. 

Entire streets are overcome with water, making it hard to make out where roads begin and end. 

"This has been our third flood we've experienced," said Waverly resident Peggy Rathe. "This is not as bad as 2008 that we can see. They were catching fish in Fareway, it was all the way to the hospital. The people across the hospital had water in their basement, a lot of feet in the basement. All the way up to Wartburg College there was water. I think the dam has done wonders."

In Shell Rock, record level flooding hit town as the Shell Rock river crested at 21.5 ft. In 2008, the record was 20.4 ft.