Publication Date September 24, 2016

Flooded Faribault Bracing For More Rain

United States

Saturday Sen. Amy Klobuchar was in Rice County looking at some of the damage done earlier this week from floods...

The biggest problem in Faribault, Minnesota, is the Cannon River...

The threat of more rain in the southern part of the state has highway officials concerned.

“Just a few inches of rain can either stall out a car or even carry a car away if there is any kind of current,” said Doug Neville with the Department of Public Safety.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation has teams out surveying bridges and roads in the event of more flooding...

About 20 miles northeast in Northfield, the mayor has declared a state of emergency as residents wait for the Cannon River to crest.

Some businesses along the river have had to close from ground water that is coming up because it has nowhere else to go.

While the entire community has pitched in to sandbag, business owners are holding their breath hoping the river does not rise much before it crests