Jun 21, 2017

Extreme Heat Searing the Southwest This Week; Las Vegas Ties All-Time Record High

Las Vegas, NV
Chris Dolce
The Weather Channel

Needles, California, tied its all-time record high Tuesday when it reached 125 degrees. That temperature had been reached three times previously (2016, 2005 and 1925).

Las Vegas also tied its all-time record high by reaching 117 degrees Tuesday afternoon.

Tucson, Arizona, missed its all-time record by just one degree Tuesday, with an actual high of 116 degrees.

Daily record highs were set Tuesday in Phoenix (119 degrees), Tucson, Arizona (116 degrees), Yuma, Arizona (120 degrees), Palm Springs, California (122 degrees - tie), Corpus Christi, Texas (100 degrees), Salt Lake City (101 degrees - tie) and Denver (99 degrees).