Publication Date November 5, 2021 | The Current

Georgia Coast Braces for Tidal Flooding

Tybee Island, GA
Tidal flooding on Tybee Island (Credit: Tybee Island PD)
Tidal flooding on Tybee Island (Credit: Tybee Island PD)

Climate Signals summary: Sea level rise from human-caused climate change is increasing the frequency of tidal floods along the Georgia coastline.

Article excerpt: 

The flooding effects of king tides are becoming more frequent as fossil fuel emissions push average temperatures higher, which in turn increases sea levels. These floods are called tidal floods or sunny day floods.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recorded 12 days of tidal flooding at the Fort Pulaski tide gauge last year and predicts five to nine days this year. In 2000, the annual average was two. By 2030, it’s expected to climb to 15-25 per year.

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