Publication Date August 29, 2016

How hot was it Sunday in Anchorage? The old record high for the date was blown away

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Judd West does a frontside stand up grind on the coping during the grand opening of Anchorage’s first in-ground concrete skate park at North Russian Jack Springs Park on an unusually hot and sunny Sunday in Southcentral Alaska. Photo: Bill Roth / Alaska Dispatch News

Anchorage's sunny weekend weather set record high temperatures — including one day by a margin of 7 degrees — after a rainy August.

Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, where the city's official temperatures are recorded, had back-to-back record highs Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, the record 69 degrees set on Aug. 27, 1993, gave way to a new high of 72 degrees; on Sunday, the old record for Aug. 28 of 70 degrees, set in 1974, was blitzed by a new high of 77 degrees.


Anchorage-based NWS meteorologist Joe Wegman said the new conditions, prevailing since late last week, replaced a low-pressure system over Southcentral Alaska. That system was bringing winds north from over the Gulf of Alaska, helping to drive the constant rain many residents saw.

"This has been really a very different pattern from what we've had; we've basically flipped the pattern prior to this," Wegman said. "It was persistently doing that for almost a month now, so we've had consistently wetter weather for August as a whole."


Temperatures at the Anchorage airport have also included a record 77-day run of lows at or above 50 degrees, blowing away the previous record of 53 days in 2013.

"The top four (low-temperature runs) were in the last four years," Wegman said