Publication Date February 22, 2017 | Mail Online

Record high temperatures throughout the lower 48 states this week

United States
  • Forecasters predicted the average temperature for the Lower 48 states would reach a balmy 59 degrees on Wednesday
  •  A meteorologist say you would have to go back three decades to find a February day as warm
  • There have been over 2,800 record highs recorded throughout US this month
  • Change most extreme in Midwest, where Chicago is seeing 70-degree days
  • Record highs or near-record highs also recorded in Wisconsin and Detroit


Cities and towns across the continental US have recorded 2,805 record high temperatures so far in February.

On Sunday, the barometer read 70 degrees in Chicago – making it just the fourth time the city has been that warm at this time of year since 1871.

The warm days are threatening the all-time high temperature Chicago in February – 75 degrees, which was recorded on February 27, 1976.

Record or near-record warmth has also been recorded in other towns in the Midwest, including Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Omaha, Minneapolis, and Detroit.