Jun 18, 2017

SF hits record 88 as heat wave hits Bay Area

San Francisco, CA
Trisha Thadani
Photo: Nicole Boliaux, The Chronicle
Photo: Nicole Boliaux, The Chronicle

It is a rare San Francisco day where you can probably leave your sweater behind.

The sun was already beating down early Sunday with temperatures hovering around 80 degrees at 10 a.m. — about 20 degrees more than the average for a morning in June. Temperatures were expected to keep rising in the Bay Area throughout the day, with some inland areas hitting the mid to upper 90s.

“This whole heat event will be the most substantial heat wave we’ve had this season,” said Charles Bell, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Monterey.


Because of the rarity of such heat waves, many homes near the coast do not have air conditioning. Bell said residents who need refuge from the heat should seek out their local cooling centers.