Publication Date August 5, 2016

Slow Progress In Ellicott City, Days After Historic Flooding

United States
Photo: CBS Baltimore

There has been very slow progress in Ellicott City, days after historic flooding destroyed Main Street.

Two people were killed in Saturday night’s flooding. Now the community is coming together to help the dozens and dozens of people impacted.

Several buildings remain on the verge of collapse, but Colin Riley still sees a future there.

“I love Ellicott City, I love this town and the people in it and being in the heart of it,” Riley said.

His brother was trapped on Main Street, where they share an apartment.

“I watched as these cars were washed away in the flood, and I felt so powerless and so trapped because I couldn’t go to help him, I couldn’t do anything for him. It was really scary,” said Riley.

Colin came back to collect a few essential items.

“It’s an image that’s just burned into my mind of all this destruction,” he said.

Recovery will be slow. Authorities are dealing with crumbling foundations and a collapse of infrastructure — a precarious situation that changes by the minute