Jun 2, 2017

Summer Is Hot, And Getting Hotter

United States
Sean Sublette

Not all locations in the U.S. are heating up at the same rate...Some of the greatest warming is occurring in Texas, the Southeast, and the West. A small sliver of the Upper Midwest and Northern Plains has not shown a warming trend in the summer, but those locations are warming much more during the winter.

An analysis of 166 cities spread across the country by Climate Central’s Climate Matters program indicated that 92 percent of those sites have been trending warmer since 1970. There is a scattering of locations from Boise, Idaho, to Columbia, S.C., that have warmed more than 3°F (1.7°C) in that time, but the most pronounced warming is clustered in Texas, where several sites have warmed about 4°F (2.2°C). These include El Paso, Laredo, McAllen, and Odessa.