Publication Date June 12, 2018 |

US wildfire season 2018: consequences of wildfires revealed

United States

In Durango, Colorado, firefighters have warned that the 416 fire could soon reach homes.

The wildfire managed to double insideover a period of 24 hours.


Victoria Christiansen, the interim chief of the Forest Service, said: “Above-average wildfire activity appears to be our new normal.”


Senior curator of Coleoptera (beetles) for the Natural History Museum in London, Max Barclay, talked exclusively to about curious beetle activity during fires.


Mr Barclay said that developing climate change is making trees better fuel for forest fires, also because bark beetles are attracted to drier conditions.

“As hotter climates develop, trees are put under a lot of stress.

“When a tree is under stress, bark beetles come in and kill the tree"