Publication Date September 26, 2016

Iowa and Wisconsin hit with evacuation orders as flooding threatens

United States
A park bench is rendered useless as the Cedar River continues its rise. Photo: Connor Morgan - KGAN

Evacuations and curfews have been enacted in parts of Iowa and Wisconsin as flood threats from swollen rivers and creeks continue to cause panic.

The city of Cedar Rapids asked local residents and businesses in affected areas to evacuate by 8 p.m. local time Sunday...

Flooding already claimed two lives last week in western Wisconsin's Vernon County. One man was killed Thursday after a mudslide destroyed his home...Also Thursday, a second man died while trying to drive through floodwaters near his home.


According to information provided by the city of Cedar Rapids, a river crest of 16 feet will be seen Monday morning, which is considered a major flood stage, before reaching 23 feet by 7 a.m Tuesday.


Other cities and towns in Iowa are also facing serious flooding, including Waterloo and Charles City.


Govs. Terry Branstad of Iowa and Scott Walker of Wisconsin each declared disaster emergencies for 13 counties, freeing up state resources to respond to the flooding.


Heavy rain this week in eastern Iowa and southern Wisconsin is behind the flood threat in those areas. Some cities saw as much as 10 inches of rain between Tuesday and Thursday last week, CNN meteorologist Allison Chinchar said Saturday afternoon.

More rain is expected in the region over the next 36 hours, according to Chinchar. She said people near the Iowa-Wisconsin border can expect to see about half an inch of rainfall.

"It may not sound like a lot, but on top of the rain that fell during the week, it adds up," she said