Science Sources: Fingerprints Everywhere

The study database presented here includes the 214 detection and attribution studies identified in the following report: Fingerprints Everywhere: Review and Analysis of Detection and Attribution Studies Finding the Fingerprint of Climate Change in US and Global Trends and Events. The report, available here, was published in September 2018.

To search or browse an updating database of detection and attribution studies, including studies published since September 2018, visit Science Sources: Detection and Attribution, or learn more about detection and attribution studies.

Title Source Datesort ascending Author(s)
Widespread persistent changes to temperature extremes occurred earlier than predicted Scientific Reports Jan 17, 2018 Chao Li, Yuanyuan Fang, Ken Caldeira, Xuebin Zhang, Noah S. Diffenbaugh and Anna M. Michalak
Attribution of extreme rainfall from Hurricane Harvey, August 2017 World Weather Attribution, Environmental Research Letters Dec 13, 2017 Geert Jan van Oldenborgh, Karin van der Wiel, Antonia Sebastian, Roop Singh, Julie Arrighi, Friederike Otto, Karsten Haustein, Sihan Li, Gabriel Vecchi and Heidi Cullen
Evidence that Recent Warming is Reducing Upper Colorado River Flows AMS Earth Interactions Dec 8, 2017 Gregory J. McCabe
Drivers of 2016 record Arctic warmth assessed using climate simulations subjected to Factual and Counterfactual forcing Weather and Climate Extremes Dec 6, 2017 Lantao Sun, Dave Allured, Martin Hoerling, Lesley Smith, Judith Perlwitz, Don Murray, Jon Eischeid
Is There a Role for Human-Induced Climate Change in the Precipitation Decline that Drove the California Drought? AMS Journal of Climate Nov 29, 2017 Richard Seager, Naomi Henderson, Mark A. Cane, Haibo Liu, and Jennifer Nakamura
Assessing the present and future probability of Hurricane Harvey’s rainfall Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Nov 13, 2017 Kerry Emanuel
Impact of climate change on New York City’s coastal flood hazard: Increasing flood heights from the preindustrial to 2300 CE Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Oct 29, 2017 Andra J. Garner, Michael E. Mann, Kerry A. Emanuel, Robert E. Kopp, Ning Ling, Richard B. Alley, Benjamin P. Horton, Robert M. DeContok, Jeffrey P. Donnelly, and David Pollard
Attributing changing rates of temperature record‐breaking to anthropogenic influences Earth's Future Oct 23, 2017 King, Andrew D.
The 2016 Southeastern U.S. Drought: An Extreme Departure From Centennial Wetting and Cooling Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres Oct 4, 2017 A. Park Williams, Benjamin I. Cook, Jason E. Smerdon, Daniel A. Bishop, Richard Seager, Justin S. Mankin
Record Temperature Streak Bears Anthropogenic Fingerprint Geophysical Research Letters Aug 10, 2017 Mann, Michael E., Miller, Sonya K., Rahmstorf, Stefan, Steinman, Byron A., Tingley, Martin
Diagnosing conditional anthropogenic contributions to heavy Colorado rainfall in September 2013 Weather and Climate Extremes Jul 18, 2017 Pardeep Pall, Christina M. Patricola, Michael F. Wehner, Dáithí A. Stone, Christopher J. Paciorek, William D. Collins
California from drought to deluge Nature Climate Change Jul 1, 2017 S.-Y. Simon Wang, Jin-Ho Yoon, Emily Becker and Robert Gillies
Attributing Causes of 2015 Record Minimum Sea-Ice Extent in the Sea of Okhotsk AMS Journal of Climate May 25, 2017 Seungmok Paik, Seung-Ki Min, and Yeon-Hee Kim
Quantifying the influence of global warming on unprecedented extreme climate events Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Apr 24, 2017 Noah S. Diffenbaugh, Deepti Singh, Justin S. Mankin, Daniel E. Horton, Daniel L. Swain, Danielle Touma, Allison Charland, Yunjie Liu, Matz Haugen, Michael Tsiang, Bala Rajaratnam
Influence of Anthropogenic Climate Change on Planetary Wave Resonance and Extreme Weather Events Scientific Reports Mar 27, 2017 Michael E. Mann, Stefan Rahmstorf, Kai Kornhuber, Byron A. Steinman, Sonya K. Miller, Dim Coumou
Anthropogenic warming impacts on California snowpack during drought Geophysical Research Letters Mar 15, 2017 Berg, Neil and Hall, Alex
U.S. Heat, February 2017 World Weather Attribution Mar 8, 2017 Geert Jan van Oldenborgh, Andrew King, Friederike Otto, Gabriel Vecchi, Claudia Tebaldi, and Heidi Cullen
Influence of the Ocean and Greenhouse Gases on Severe Drought Likelihood in the Central United States in 2012 Journal of Climate Feb 20, 2017 David E. Rupp, Sihan Li, and Philip W. Mote
The twenty‐first century Colorado River hot drought and implications for the future Water Resources Research Feb 17, 2017 Bradley Udall, Jonathan Overpeck
Rapid attribution of the August 2016 flood-inducing extreme precipitation in south Louisiana to climate change World Weather Attribution, Hydrology and Earth Systems Science Feb 14, 2017 Karin van der Wiel, Sarah B. Kapnick, Geert Jan van Oldenborgh, Kirien Whan, Sjoukje Philip, Gabriel A. Vecchi, Roop K. Singh, Julie Arrighi, and Heidi Cullen