Schultz, M., Schmitt, R., Thomas, K., Volz‐Thomas, A.

Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres

Published date June 1, 1998

Photochemical box modeling of long-range transport from North America to Tenerife during NARE

  • Uses a photochemical trajectory model to reproduce the concentrations of several trace gases measured at Izaña/Tenerife during a selected episode of August 1993 with long-range transport from the North American continent across the Atlantic Ocean
  • Analyzes the set of initial conditions necessary to match the observations and compares it with available data in the literature
  • Finds initial and final concentrations of several hydrocarbons are in reasonable agreement with other measurements made at similar latitudes, and the CO/NOy and NMHC/NOy ratios are within the range of those observed from airborne measurements over the eastern United States and Canada
  • Finds the simulated concentration of ozone at Izaña is very similar to the initial concentration used, and there is no indication for photochemical net ozone production during long-range transport
  • Emphasizes the important role of water vapor for the tropospheric ozone budget and the role ozone itself plays in its photochemical balance