May 30, 2019

Recent warming of landfalling atmospheric rivers along the west coast of the United States

Katerina R. Gonzales, Daniel L. Swain, Kyle M. Nardi, Elizabeth A. Barnes, Noah S. Diffenbaugh
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres
  • Finds substantial warming in atmospheric rivers (ARs) at both the seasonal and monthly scales, as well as seasonal and regional variations in the amount of warming along the US West Coast. To understand the warming of ARs at the landfall regions,
  • Compares monthly temperature trends with trends in temperature along the AR tracks, background temperature over the landfall region, and temperature over the coastal ocean adjacent to the landfall region
  • Finds cool‐season warming ranges from 0.69°C to 1.65°C over the study period
  • Detects monthly‐scale warming of >2°C, with the most widespread warming occurring in November and March