Science Sources

Search the database below for peer-reviewed studies and organizational reports documenting climate change trends. (Note: The database does not include studies on projected, or future change.) For studies that specifically identify the fingerprint of climate change on observed trends and events, visit Science Sources: Detection and Attribution.


Attribution of climate extreme events Nature Climate Change Jun 22, 2015 Kevin E. Trenberth, John T. Fasullo & Theodore G. Shepherd
Climate change now detectable from any single day of weather at global scale Nature Climate Change Jan 2, 2020 Sebastian Sippel, Nicolai Meinshausen, Erich M. Fischer, Enikő Székely, Reto Knutti
IPCC AR5 WGI: Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis Cambridge University Press Sep 1, 2013 Stocker, T.F., D. Qin, G.-K. Plattner, M. Tignor, S.K. Allen, J. Boschung, A. Nauels, Y. Xia, V. Bex and P.M. Midgley (eds.)
NCA 4: Climate Change Impacts in the United States (Volume I) U.S. Global Change Research Program Nov 3, 2017 Donald Wuebbles, David Fahey, and Kathleen Hibbard
Tropical Cyclones and Climate Change Assessment: Part I Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society May 28, 2019 Thomas Knutson, Suzana J. Camargo, Johnny C. L. Chan, Kerry Emanuel, Chang-Hoi Ho, James Kossin, Mrutyunjay Mohapatra, Masaki Satoh, Masato Sugi, Kevin Walsh, and Liguang Wu
Titlesort descending Source Date Author(s)
Variations in the Intensity and Spatial Extent of Tropical Cyclone Precipitation Geophysical Research Letters Oct 18, 2019 Danielle Touma, Samantha Stevenson, Suzana J. Camargo, Daniel E. Horton, Noah S. Diffenbaugh
Viral emergence in marine mammals in the North Pacific may be linked to Arctic sea ice reduction Scientific Reports Nov 7, 2019 E. VanWormer, J. A. K. Mazet, A. Hall, V. A. Gill, P. L. Boveng, J. M. London, T. Gelatt, B. S. Fadely, M. E. et al
Vital Signs: Update on Zika Virus–Associated Birth Defects and Evaluation of All U.S. Infants with Congenital Zika Virus Exposure — U.S. Zika Pregnancy Registry, 2016 MMWR. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report Apr 4, 2017 Megan R. Reynolds, MPH; Abbey M. Jones, MPH; Emily E. Petersen, MD; Ellen H. Lee, MD; Marion E. Rice, MPH; Andrea Bingham, PhD; Sascha R. Ellington, MSPH; Nicole Evert, MS; Sarah Reagan-Steiner, MD et al
Vulnerability due to Nocturnal Tornadoes American Meteorological Society Apr 26, 2008 Walker S. Ashley, Andrew J. Krmenec, and Rick Schwantes
Vulnerability of African maize yield to climate change and variability during 1961–2010 Food Security Jul 2, 2014 Wenjiao Shi, Fulu Tao
Vulnerability of Louisiana’s coastal wetlands to present-day rates of relative sea-level rise Nature Communications Mar 14, 2017 Krista L. Jankowski, Torbjörn E Törnqvist, Anjali M Fernandes
Warm Arctic episodes linked with increased frequency of extreme winter weather in the United States Nature Communications Mar 13, 2018 Judah Cohen, Karl Pfeiffer, Jennifer A. Francis
Warming and Earlier Spring Increase Western U.S. Forest Wildfire Activity Science Aug 18, 2006 A. L. Westerling, H. G. Hidalgo, D. R. Cayan, T. W. Swetnam
Warming of the Antarctic ice-sheet surface since the 1957 International Geophysical Year Nature Jan 22, 2009 Eric J. Steig, David P. Schneider, Scott D. Rutherford, Michael E. Mann, Josefino C. Comiso, Drew T. Shindell
Water and energy budgets of hurricanes: Case studies of Ivan and Katrina Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres Dec 12, 2007 Trenberth, Kevin E., Davis, Christopher A., Fasullo, John
Water, drought, climate change, and conflict in Syria American Meteorological Society Feb 3, 2014 Peter H. Gleick
Weakening of tropical Pacific atmospheric circulation due to anthropogenic forcing Nature May 4, 2006 Gabriel A. Vecchi, Brian J. Soden, Andrew T. Wittenberg, Isaac M. Held, Ants Leetmaa, Matthew J. Harrison
Weather and Climate Extremes in a Changing Climate The U.S. Climate Change Science Program Preface Jun 1, 2008 Thomas R. Karl, Gerald A. Meehl, Christopher D. Miller, Susan J. Hassol, Anne M. Waple, and William L. Murray
Western Pine Beetle Populations in Arizona and California Differ in the Composition of Their Aggregation Pheromones Journal of Chemical Ecology Apr 28, 2016 Pureswaran DS, Hofstetter RW, Sullivan BT, Grady AM, Brownie C
Western Wildfires: A Fiery Future Climate Central Jun 23, 2016 Alyson Kenward, PhD, Todd Sanford, PhD, James Bronzan
What We Know – The Reality, Risks, and Response To Climate Change American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Mar 18, 2014 Mario Molina, James McCarthy, Diana Wall, Richard Alley, Julia Cole, Sarah Das, Noah Diffenbaugh, Kerry Emanuel, Howard Frumkin, Katharine Hayhoe, Camille Parmesan, Marshall Shepherd
Wheat yield loss attributable to heat waves, drought and water excess at the global, national and subnational scales Environmental Research Letters Jul 5, 2017 M Zampieri, A Ceglar, F Dentener and A Toreti
Whither the 100th Meridian? The Once and Future Physical and Human Geography of America’s Arid–Humid Divide. Part II: The Meridian Moves East Earth Interactions Mar 21, 2018 Richard Seager, Jamie Feldman, Nathan Lis, Mingfang Ting, Alton P. Williams, Jennifer Nakamura, Haibo Liu and Naomi Henderson
Widespread Biological Response to Rapid Warming on the Antarctic Peninsula Current Biology May 18, 2017 Matthew J. Amesbury, Thomas P. Roland, Jessica Royles, Dominic A. Hodgson, Peter Convey, Howard Griffiths, Dan J. Charman
Widespread movement of meltwater onto and across Antarctic ice shelves Nature Apr 19, 2017 Jonathan Kingslake, Jeremy C. Ely, Indrani Das & Robin E. Bell