Science Sources

Search the database below for peer-reviewed studies and organizational reports documenting climate change trends. (Note: The database does not include studies on projected, or future change.) For studies that specifically identify the fingerprint of climate change on observed trends and events, visit Science Sources: Detection and Attribution.


IPCC AR5 WGI: Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis Cambridge University Press Sep 1, 2013 Stocker, T.F., D. Qin, G.-K. Plattner, M. Tignor, S.K. Allen, J. Boschung, A. Nauels, Y. Xia, V. Bex and P.M. Midgley (eds.)
Attribution of climate extreme events Nature Climate Change Jun 22, 2015 Kevin E. Trenberth, John T. Fasullo & Theodore G. Shepherd
NCA 4: Climate Change Impacts in the United States (Volume I) U.S. Global Change Research Program Nov 3, 2017 Donald Wuebbles, David Fahey, and Kathleen Hibbard
Tropical Cyclones and Climate Change Assessment: Part I Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society May 28, 2019 Thomas Knutson, Suzana J. Camargo, Johnny C. L. Chan, Kerry Emanuel, Chang-Hoi Ho, James Kossin, Mrutyunjay Mohapatra, Masaki Satoh, Masato Sugi, Kevin Walsh, and Liguang Wu
Climate change now detectable from any single day of weather at global scale Nature Climate Change Jan 2, 2020 Sebastian Sippel, Nicolai Meinshausen, Erich M. Fischer, Enikő Székely, Reto Knutti
Title Source Datesort descending Author(s)
EEE 2017: The Extremely Wet March of 2017 in Peru Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society Dec 10, 2018 Nikolaos Christidis, Richard A. Betts, and Peter A. Stott
EEE 2017: December 2016: Linking The Lowest Arctic Sea-ice Extent On Record With The Lowest European Precipitation Event On Record Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society Dec 10, 2018 Juan C. Acosta Navarro, Pablo Ortega, Javier García-Serrano, Virginie Guemas, Etienne Tourigny, Rubén Cruz-García, François Massonnet, and Francisco J. Doblas-Reyes
EEE 2017: The Exceptional Summer Heat Wave in Southern Europe 2017 Explaining Extreme Events from a Climate Perspective Dec 10, 2018 Sarah Kew, Sjoukje Philip, Geert Jan Van Oldenborgh, Friederike Otto, Robert Vautard, and Gerard Van Der Schrier
Rainforest trees respond to drought by modifying their hydraulic architecture Ecology and Evolution Dec 11, 2018 David Y. P. Tng, Deborah M. G. Apgaua, Yoko F. Ishida, Maurizio Mencuccini, Jon Lloyd, William F. Laurance, Susan G. W. Laurance
How fast are the oceans warming? Science Jan 11, 2019 Lijing Cheng, John Abraham, Zeke Hausfather, Kevin E. Trenberth
Permafrost is warming at a global scale Jan 16, 2019 Boris K. Biskaborn, Sharon L. Smith, Jeannette Noetzli et al
Large influence of soil moisture on long-term terrestrial carbon uptake Nature Jan 23, 2019 Julia K. Green, Sonia I. Seneviratne, Alexis M. Berg, Kirsten L. Findell, Stefan Hagemann, David M. Lawrence, Pierre Gentine
Climate, conflict and forced migration Global Environmental Change Jan 23, 2019 Guy J. Abel, Michael Brottrager, Jesus Crespo Cuaresma, Raya Muttarak
Recent increases in tropical cyclone intensification rates Nature Communications Feb 7, 2019 Kieran T. Bhatia, Gabriel A. Vecchi, Thomas R. Knutson, Hiroyuki Murakami, James Kossin, Keith W. Dixon, Carolyn E. Whitlock
A review and analysis of possible changes to the climatology of tornadoes in the United States Progress in Physical Geography: Earth and Environment Feb 25, 2019 Todd W Moore, Tiffany A DeBoer
Impacts of historical warming on marine fisheries production Science Mar 1, 2019 Christopher M. Free, James T. Thorson, Malin L. Pinsky, Kiva L. Oken, John Wiedenmann, Olaf P. Jensen
Impacts of historical warming on marine fisheries production Science Mar 1, 2019 Christopher M. Free, James T. Thorson, Malin L. Pinsky, Kiva L. Oken, John Wiedenmann, Olaf P. Jensen
Extreme Rainfall Associated With Hurricane Maria Over Puerto Rico and Its Connections to Climate Variability and Change Geophysical Research Letters Mar 4, 2019 David Keellings, José J. Hernández Ayala
Past and future spread of the arbovirus vectors Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus Nature Microbiology Mar 4, 2019 Moritz U. G. Kraemer, Robert C. Reiner, Oliver J. Brady et al.
Increased Greenland melt triggered by large-scale, year-round cyclonic moisture intrusions The Cryosphere Mar 7, 2019 Oltmanns, Marilena, Straneo, Fiammetta, Tedesco, Marco
Widespread shifts in the coastal biota of northern California during the 2014–2016 marine heatwaves Scientific Reports Mar 12, 2019 Eric Sanford, Jacqueline L. Sones, Marisol García-Reyes, Jeffrey H. R. Goddard, John L. Largier
Interruption of two decades of Jakobshavn Isbrae acceleration and thinning as regional ocean cools Nature Geoscience Mar 25, 2019 Ala Khazendar, Ian G. Fenty, Dustin Carroll, Alex Gardner, Craig M. Lee, Ichiro Fukumori, Ou Wang, Hong Zhang, Hélène Seroussi, Delwyn Moller, Brice P. Y. Noël, Michiel R. van den Broeke, Steven Dinardo, Josh Willis
Wildfire smoke exposure under climate change: impact on respiratory health of affected communitie Current Opinion in Pulmonary Medicine Mar 25, 2019 Reid CE and Maestas MM
Extremes of summer climate trigger thousands of thermokarst landslides in a High Arctic environment Nature Communications Apr 2, 2019 Antoni G. Lewkowicz, Robert G. Way
China Blue Book on Climate Change China's National Climate Center Apr 2, 2019