Jun 6, 2016

Heat wave breaks records in Puget Sound Region

Seattle, WA
Olympia, WA
Bellingham, WA
Tacoma, WA
Shelton, WA
Sky Valley Chronicle
Photo: Dyer Oxley, MyNorthwest
Photo: Dyer Oxley, MyNorthwest

We don't get many heat waves this early in June in western Washington, but when we do sometimes old high temperature records are shattered, as happened this past weekend.

Northwest residents broke out the fans, cranked up window air conditioners and headed to lakes, rivers and parks to deal with the unseasonably hot weather that rolled across the region on Sunday.

Around the sound it was mostly in the 90's Sunday, with Seattle breaking just before 6:30 pm the old high temperature record of 92 set in 1978 when the thermometer pegged 93 degrees, according to the national weather service.

A few hours earlier, Olympia had recorded a new record high of 97 degrees and Bellingham had set a new record of 85 degrees.

It was 95 degrees in Tacoma and 97 in both Olympia and Shelton, Washington while down in Vancouver it was 98 and a bit further south in Portland, Oregon it was a blistering 99 degrees