Oct 18, 2016

King tides cause flooding across South Florida

Miami Beach, FL
Walter Morris, Omar Lewis, Ann Keil
News 7
Photo: News 7
Photo: News 7

King tides have been to blame for flooded roadways and residential streets across South Florida these past few days, and meteorologists said the tidal trouble was at its worst on Sunday night.

King tides turned streets into rivers in Miami Beach, as the full moon made the water rise.


Meanwhile, Las Olas Boulevard in Downtown Fort Lauderdale was overtaken by the tides. Parts of Cordova Road, also in Fort Lauderdale, were completely underwater.

The flooding was so bad that signs saying “No Wake Zone” needed to be installed. “This time, it’s here for hours,” said Fort Lauderdale resident Marilyn.


“We have to sell our house, but nobody will want it,” said Yobi Sattee, a Fort Lauderdale resident.