Mar 27, 2017

Natural disasters in Peru result of climate change: WWF

Lima District

The natural disasters that have blighted 11 regions of Peru in recent weeks are the result of climate change, which has been intensifying worldwide for decades, WWF's director in Peru, Patricia Leon-Melgar, highlighted Saturday.

In an interview with Radio Programas del Peru, Leon-Melgar pointed to the impact of the El Nino phenomenon, which has brought torrential rains, overflowing rivers, floods and landslides, as being caused by global warming.

She said that the planet's glaciers have lost 40 percent of their coverage and that traditional rain patterns have shifted, changing sowing and harvesting seasons.

According to the WWF-Peru representative, the intensification of the climate change process means the scientific community is less able to predict weather phenomena.

Leon-Melgar warned that, should this climate degradation process continue, humanity would face more droughts, forest fires and floods. She called on urgent prevention efforts to be made.