Jul 4, 2016

Record-breaking heat in Death Valley this June

Death Valley, CA
Salt flats near Badwater. Photo: National Parks Service
Salt flats near Badwater. Photo: National Parks Service

While Las Vegas hit a few records in June, Death Valley ended up well exceeding its average temperature for the whole month.

Last month was the hottest June on record in Death Valley National Park, with a sweltering average temperature of 101.9 degrees. June 2016’s temperatures exceeded average June temperatures by about 6 degrees.

The average of 95.5 degrees had been recorded over the past 105 years. Official weather observations have been recorded at Furnace Creek since 1911.

Death Valley’s average daily high temperature this June was 115.5 degrees and the average overnight low was 88.2 degrees. In spite of a record-setting average temperature, Death Valley only set a new daily record one day last month, with 126 degrees recorded on June 21..."People expect a desert to cool down at night, but the night of June 21 only cooled down to 101 degrees Fahrenheit,” said Superintendent Mike Reynolds in a news release...

Death Valley holds the record for highest officially recorded temperature on the planet: 134 °F on July 10, 1913