Publication Date October 18, 2016

Record Warmth in the Plains, Midwest, South and East From a Strong Dose of Indian Summer Early Week

United States
Image: The Weather Channel

Record-breaking warmth has gripped parts of the Plains the last couple of days, and this heat will continue to spread to the East Coast through midweek.


Dodge City, Kansas, set a new record high for the entire month of October on Monday, topping out at 101 degrees. Records date back to the late 1800s in the southwestern Kansas city. This broke the previous October record high of 99 degrees, set just the day before on Sunday.

A 100-degree high temperature was recorded in McAllen, Texas, on Monday. This was the latest 100-degree day on record there, surpassing the previous date of Oct. 15, 1957.

A few daily record highs that were set on Monday include:

  • St. Louis topped out at 91 degrees, breaking the previous record high of 88 degrees.
  • Nashville, Tennessee, reached 86 degrees tying the record high from 2007 and 1965.
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma reached 90 degrees, which tied the record high from 2005, 1947 and 1921.
  • La Guardia Airport in New York City set a new record high by reaching 83 degrees. The old record was 80 degrees.

Amarillo, Texas, topped out at 98 degrees on Sunday, making it the warmest day so late in the season there. It was also just one degree shy of tying their all-time October record high.

At least one location in Texas reached the triple digits on Sunday. The panhandle town of Perryton near the Oklahoma border was 102 degrees.

Slapout, Oklahoma, also hit 102 degrees on Sunday, making it the hottest temperature so late in the season for the entire state, according to the Oklahoma Climate Survey.

Several daily records were set in the Plains on Saturday, as well. 

Record warm low temperatures were also set in ten states on Monday. Many of these records were broken by several degrees including:

  • Madison, Wisconsin only dropped to 65 degrees, previous record was 61 degrees.
  • Dubuque, Iowa only dipped to 69 degrees, previous record was 61 degrees.
  • Chicago, Illinois saw a low of 67 degrees, previous record was 63 degrees.
  • Kansas City, Missouri only dropped to 71 degrees, previous record was 67 degrees.
  • St. Louis, Missouri reached a low of 72 degrees, previous record was 66 degrees.
  • Paducah, Kentucky only dipped to 76 degrees, previous record was 64 degrees.
  • Wichita, Kansas only dropped to 70 degrees, previous record was 68 degrees.
  • Dallas, Texas recorded a low of 73 degrees, previous record was 72 degrees.

There were also records set for highest dew point so late in the year on Monday. Rochester, Minnesota reached a dew point of 68 degrees breaking the previous record of 68 degrees on October 13, 1962. La Crosse, Wisconsin tied the highest dew point recorded in October with a dew point of 70 degrees. This was also the highest dew point so late in the year, previous record was 70 degrees on October 15, 1962.