Feb 6, 2017

Observed and Projected Changes in United States Tornado Exposure

Stephen M. Strader, Walker S. Ashley, Thomas J. Pingel, and Andrew J. Krmenec
Weather, Climate, and Society
  • States that increasing trends in weather-related disasters and losses are a function of climate and society 
  • Examines how tornado risk and societal exposure interact to create tornado disaster potential in the United States
  • Results illustrate that although the U.S. Midwest contains the greatest built-environment exposure and the central plains experience the most significant tornadoes, the midsouth contains the greatest tornado disaster potential
  • In the four regions examined, both average annual tornado impacts and associated impact variability are projected to be as much as 6 to 36 times greater in 2100 than 1940
  • States that the key lesson is that the juxtaposition of both risk and societal exposure drive disaster potential