Publication Date September 21, 2016 | The Weather Channel

Itbayat Island Escapes Typhoon Meranti's Eye With No Deaths, Officials Say

Image: @StuOstro, Twitter
Image: @StuOstro, Twitter

Meteorologists feared the worst a week ago when they saw what equated to a death sentence: a tiny island in the northern Philippines was stuck in the eye of a monster super typhoon as the storm carved a path across the western Pacific.

But in the past few days, officials are slowly getting a better picture of the toll Typhoon Meranti took on Itbayat, and they were overjoyed to learn that every person on the island survived the colossal storm.


The island's residents live in well-built homes that are known to withstand even the strongest tropical cyclones.

There is still plenty of damage on the islands that were impacted by the storm, and emergency supplies have been flown in