May 1, 2016

The effects of climate change and extreme wildfire events on runoff erosion over a mountain watershed

Gregory K. Gould, Mingliang Liu, Michael E. Barber, Keith A. Cherkauer, Peter R. Robichaud, and Jennifer C. Adam
Journal of Hydrology
  • Models the effects of climate change and extreme wildfire activity on erosion in the intermountain West if the United States
  • Nests a hillslope-scale erosion model into a macroscale hydrologic model
  • Finds that wildfire exacerbates the impacts of climate change on the hydrograph shape
  • States that climate change may exacerbate the impacts of extreme wildfires on sediment yield
  • Concludes by stating, "The combined effects of climate change and a possible continuation of increasing fire frequency and severity will compound excess sediment issues that already exist in this region of the intermountain West."