Guoyong Ding, Lu Gao, Xuewen Li, Maigeng Zhou, Qiyong Liu, Hongyan Ren, Baofa Jiang

Plos One

Published date May 15, 2014

A Mixed Method to Evaluate Burden of Malaria Due to Flooding and Waterlogging in Mengcheng County, China: A Case Study

  • Quantifies the impact of flooding and waterlogging on malaria in 2007 to know the epidemiological information on the malaria situation caused by the 2007 Huaihe River floods and to provide reliable data for the control programs in the county of Mengcheng
  • Finds that flooding and waterlogging can lead to higher burden of malaria in the study area
  • Finds an increased risk of malaria was significantly associated with flooding alone [adjusted hazard ratio (AHR)  = 1.467, 95% CI = 1.257, 1.713], waterlogging alone (AHR = 1.879, 95% CI = 1.696, 2.121), and flooding and waterlogging together (AHR = 2.926, 95% CI = 2.576, 3.325)
  • Finds that the burden of malaria caused by waterlogging alone is more severe than that by flooding alone