Mar 7, 2016

More extreme precipitation in the world’s dry and wet regions

Markus G. Donat, Andrew L. Lowry, Lisa V. Alexander, Paul A. O’Gorman, & Nicola Maher
Nature Climate Change

“In both wet and dry regions, we see...significant and robust increases in heavy precipitation...We have a really good agreement between the observations and the models."

Lead-author, Markus Donat, University of New South Wales in Sydney

  • States precipitation changes may differ not only between regions but also between different aspects of precipitation, such as totals and extremes
  • Investigates changes in these two aspects in the world’s dry and wet regions using observations and global climate models
  • Results show the number of days of extremely heavy rainfall or snowfall has been rising by 1 to 2 percent each decade in the world’s driest and wettest regions
  • Finds similar increases are projected until 2100