Science Sources: Detection and Attribution

Climate Signals tracks detection and attribution studies in real time. Below is an updating database of studies that find the fingerprint of human-caused climate change on observed trends and events. The database is limited to studies of local significance in the United States and studies of global significance. For a broader database of peer-reviewed studies and organizational reports on climate change trends, please see all Science Sources.

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Titlesort descending Source Date Author(s)
Anthropogenic Warming Impacts on Today's Sierra Nevada Snowpack and Flood Risk Geophysical Research Letters Jun 15, 2018 Xingying Huang, Alex D. Hall, Neil Berg
Anthropogenic Warming of Earth's Climate System Science Apr 13, 2001 Sydney Levitus, John I. Antonov, Julian Wang, Thomas L. Delworth, Keith W. Dixon, Anthony J. Broccoli
Anthropogenic Warming of the Oceans: Observations and Model Results AMS Journal of Climate May 15, 2006 David W. Pierce and Tim P. Barnett
Arctic warming hotspot in the northern Barents Sea linked to declining sea-ice import Nature Climate Change Jun 25, 2018 Sigrid Lind, Randi B. Ingvaldsen, Tore Furevik
Are observed decadal changes in intermediate water masses a signature of anthropogenic climate change? Geophysical Research Letters Sep 15, 2000 Helene T. Banks, Richard A. Wood, Jonathan M. Gregory, Timothy C. Johns, Gareth S. Jones
Assessing the present and future probability of Hurricane Harvey’s rainfall Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Nov 13, 2017 Kerry Emanuel
Atlantic hurricane trends linked to climate change Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union Jun 3, 2011 Michael E. Mann and Kerry A. Emanuel
Attributing Causes of 2015 Record Minimum Sea-Ice Extent in the Sea of Okhotsk AMS Journal of Climate May 25, 2017 Seungmok Paik, Seung-Ki Min, and Yeon-Hee Kim
Attributing changing rates of temperature record‐breaking to anthropogenic influences Earth's Future Oct 23, 2017 King, Andrew D.
Attributing intensification of precipitation extremes to human influence Geophysical Research Letters Oct 9, 2013 Xuebin Zhang, Hui Wan, Francis W. Zwiers, Gabriele C. Hegerl, Seung‐Ki Min
Attributing northern high-latitude precipitation change over the period 1966–2005 to human influence Climate Dynamics Nov 28, 2014 Hui Wan, Xuebin Zhang, Francis Zwiers, Seung-Ki Min
Attributing physical and biological impacts to anthropogenic climate change Nature May 15, 2008 Rosenzweig, C., D. Karoly, M. Vicarelli, P. Neofotis, Q. Wu, G. Casassa, A. Menzel, T.L. Root, N. Estrella, B. Seguin, P. Tryjanowski, C. Liu, S. Rawlins, and A. Imeson
Attributing the increase in Northern Hemisphere hot summers since the late 20th  century Geophysical Research Letters Jul 25, 2014 Kamae, Youichi, Shiogama, Hideo, Watanabe, Masahiro, Kimoto, Masahide
Attribution analyses of temperature extremes using a set of 16 indices Weather and Climate Extremes Oct 27, 2016 Nikolaos Christidis and Peter A.Stott
Attribution of anthropogenic influence on seasonal sea level pressure Geophysical Research Letters Dec 10, 2009 N. P. Gillett, P. A. Stott
Attribution of Arctic Sea Ice Decline from 1953 to 2012 to Influences from Natural, Greenhouse Gas, and Anthropogenic Aerosol Forcing Journal of Climate Aug 13, 2018 B.L. Mueller
Attribution of Arctic temperature change to greenhouse-gas and aerosol influences Nature Climate Change Feb 9, 2015 Mohammad Reza Najafi, Francis W. Zwiers, Nathan P. Gillett
Attribution of climate effects on Hurricane Harvey's extreme rainfall in Texas Submitted: Environmental Research Letters Apr 4, 2018 S.-Y. Simon Wang, Lin Zhao, Jin-Ho Yoon, Phil Klotzbach, and Robert R. Gillies
Attribution of climate extreme events Nature Climate Change Jun 22, 2015 Kevin E. Trenberth, John T. Fasullo & Theodore G. Shepherd
Attribution of cyclogenesis region sea surface temperature change to anthropogenic influence Geophysical Research Letters May 13, 2008 N. P. Gillett, P. A. Stott, B. D. Santer