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Last updated November 17, 2021

California Bomb Cyclone and Atmospheric River October 2021

United States

A record-strong bomb cyclone and intense atmospheric river inundated Northern California on October 24-25. The rain and snow effectively ended the record-breaking wildfire season in Northern California and brought badly needed water to the drought-stricken region. However, the extreme shift from drought to deluge – itself a signal of climate change – brought flash floods and debris flows along the burn scars of recent wildfires. 2021 has been a devastating year for the West Coast as human-caused climate change has fueled all-time record wildfiresheatdrought and now, record storms and precipitation.

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Street flooding during the bomb cyclone.
Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Global Warming
Air Mass Temperature Increase
Atmospheric Moisture Increase
Large Scale Global Circulation Change
Extreme Precipitation Increase
Atmospheric Blocking Increase
Extreme El Niño Frequency Increase
Total Precipitation Increase
Runoff and Flood Risk Increase
California Bomb Cyclone and Atmospheric River October 2021
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Rose Andreatta

Rose Andreatta is the director of the Climate Signals project and has over a decade of experience translating scientific information into usable formats for a variety of audiences. Rose earned her Master’s of Public Administration in Environmental Science and Policy at Columbia University and holds a Certificate of Achievement in Weather Forecasting from Pennsylvania State University.


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